Disability Awareness (DAW) allows children from grades K-5 sustained experiential knowledge about diverse and different life situations. From blindness, to deafness, to being wheelchair bound, our students see, hear, feel, and experience life through various lenses. Thanks to DAW empathy and acceptance and understanding is the norm in our community.

Michael Lubelfeld, Superintendent of Schools DPS109

Students make personal connections with the people and stories shared.  Students learn to relate their own challenges to the challenges of others. It has built a stronger sense of inclusion and community within our students.

Ann Buch, Principal Kipling Elementary School

I am happy to say that because of this program my children no longer see people for their disabilities but rather see people for their abilities. It is a special program that will have an everlasting impact on my children for their entire life.

Jen Cohen, PTO

Disability Awareness is designed to build an awareness of people with various disabilities and ensure we have an inclusive school community where ALL of our students feel accepted and respected.

Sofia Sink Grimm, First Grade Teacher