Student Programs

Assembly Speech for grades K-8

*Interactive assembly speech encompassing all areas of programming for grade specific ability awareness programming.

*Assembly speeches explain and illustrate concepts surrounding awareness and allow for children to directly interact with speaker.

Speech Topics (Sample)

“Shifting the Mindset:  Disability to Ability”

“Tools, Innovation, Accessibility and Design”

“Kids with Disabilities Are Just Kids”

Grade Specific Programming

* Focusing on individual areas of disability in direct grade level activities and simulations with discussion

Areas of focus:

Helping Tools
Wheelchairs, Sports Equipment
Hidden Disabilities (Autism, ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia)
Downs Syndrome

Program Development and Consultation Services

*Consultation services to develop an area specific one, three and five day program within the school. 


Faculty Programs

  • School Needs Assessment of Social Awareness Surrounding Disability for current students
  • Program Design and Consultation in All School or Grade Specific Programs
  • Teacher In-Service Training
  • Professional Learning Programs
  • Parent and Volunteer Training


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